I'm Fahad Ashiq - SDE @ Calrom

I am a young tech enthusiast who strives to learn, develop & grow, developing software solutions and doing tech contributions through learning different technologies is what I love to do, besides this, I am having a positive and growth mindset in learning, leading, and sharing latest tech trends in various tech organizations/communities. I am Software Engineer by profession • R&D and I also love to write sometimes about tech on Medium & Dev.to 📝

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I can help you successfully take your business needs while assisting you throughout the project/product development process. Building the best softwares & bringing value to your organization through my technical expertise in the relevant domain.

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User Interface Design

I create user friendly UI designs using trending and lightweight front end tech stacks.

Website Development

I built beautiful websites with seamless interfaces that composed inspiring animations.

Software Development

I design softwares according to the process of specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in maintaining applications & frameworks.

Community Engagement

Over the period of last two years I have been doing tech community building for community students, tech professionals and industry experts to help them grow in their personal capacity in tech ecosystem.

What tools & technologies do I use?

My expertise is based on my experience and a wide range of tools which I use to create the top-notch products.


I use .NEt framework mostly in my projects to build web projects with a unique utility-based approach.


I use vue.js to build static and dynamic websites and dashboard.


I use the jira for tracking product & to allows bug tracking and agile project management..

Microsoft SQL Server

I use MS-SQL to build databases for backend functionality.

Azure DevOps

I use Microsoft Azure for my DevOps related task & practices.


I use React.js to make websites as per client requirement.


I use Next js to make a static website functional.


I use bootstrap to make the websites or dashboards responsive.


I use Figma to convert UI designs into html5, react.js & bootstrap.


I use HTML to build a structure of websites & dashboards.


I use GitHub to work with other people and make it easy to collaborate on projects.

Adobe Photoshop

I use adobe photoshop document into html5, vue.js & bootstrap.

Where I am today?

Currently, I'm co-leading Microsoft Learn Community Lahore & leading sunlo community. Our communties conduct tech meetups, tech oriented sessions and community meetups to help students & professionals to grow in tech. I help different communities & organizations to build their brand while believing the vision learn, share & grow 🚀

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Sunlo Community [Uplifting local talent and trends in tech, startups]


Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Community [MLSA Lahore]


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"Fahad Ashiq is an extremely talented and humble man. He is well equipped with knowledge and skills. He knows how to utilise acquired experience and deliver. He is an versatile and dynamic personality. I wish him best of luck in all the walks of life."

Khurram Shahzad

"Fahad is a hard-working, passionate, and Good team player. He's always eager to learn and improve and always trying to give his best. Great Asset for any Organization to have someone who's dedicated as much as Fahad is."

Ahmad Ali

"Fahad Ashiq is really an inspirational person. I learn a lot of things from him. He loves to share with others. He is also Co-leading the Microsoft Student Ambassadors Lahore Community, which helps others to grow and learn new cutting-edge technologies."

Nauman Samtia

Worked with leading brands

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