My Dev Work Experience (Nov 2020 – Present)

BitsClan PVT LTD ( November 2020 - May 2021 )

In November 2020, I joined BitsClan PVT LTD, marking my first full-time job after completing a 4-year degree. At my new company, I served as a Junior Web Engineer, where I learned and worked with several new trending technologies, tools, and stacks, including Vue.js, Web Flow, Trello, and WebEx, alongside basic work related to React and Angular. After nearly 6 months with the BitsClan team, I secured a full-time Software Engineer Position in Enghouse Interactive. Despite my relatively short tenure at BitsClan, I believe in prioritizing growth. I'd like to emphasize the importance of learning and earning in your technical work experience within a specific company. If you find yourself lacking in either aspect, it's sometimes best to move forward. I worked on the Make your meal Project along with a team of 3 developers. This system provides the food ordering and reservation system to different restaurant industry. Make your Meal system uses innovative technologies that enhance the user experience by optimizing display and layout for the user device and screen size. It automates the process, which results in the 20% - 25% increment of the revenue. I worked mainly on front-end technologies to make the user experience smooth for end users

Enghouse (June 2021 - July 2022 )

In June 2021, I joined Enghouse Interactive, a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions, as a full-time Software Engineer. During my time there, I worked on their products called Web Admin, ARC PRO, CUAC Advance, CUAC Standard, and CTI Server. I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in Desktop applications, Web Applications, and Worker Services. I worked with tools and technologies such as Visual Studio 2022, .NET 6.0, SVN, Worker Service, Hyper-V Virtual Machines, Jenkins, Jira, GitHub, .NET MVC, MS-SQL, React.js, and Material UI. I worked in a scrum team of 5 (15+ developers work on the project) to modernize and upgrade the existing .NET application to the latest version of .NET (6.0). This product consists of many component that have different project types such as Web Forms, Windows Form, WPF and WCF, Class Libraries, Window Service, Console Applications. My responsibility was to migrate the existing components to latest supported version of .NET, executed the respected test cases after the migrations and generating Engineering Estimate Documents for each component

Calrom ( August 2022 - Present )

I am working in a ( Groups Division - British Airways Team) 40+ engineers overall, on the BA project to implement new features, review change requests and fixes bug in a huge airline product that need to be addressed to ensure the stability, safety, and functionality of the software which majorly includes critical system failure, UI/UX glitches, automated testing and continuous Integration, my responsibility includes refactor the existing code base, related bug fixing, modify existing database approach and to participate in daily 1:1 sync up team call to discuss the daily update on the development process to deliver high quality code to enhance the product functionality and to execute the respected test cases.







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