I'm Fahad Ashiq. I live in Lahore, where I code & contribute to the local community for better future.

I am a Software Development Engineer having 3 years of experience starting from system analysis and design ending by implementation, testing, deployment & technical documentation. Have the passion to work and gain experience, quick learner, and have good communication skills, taking responsibility with conscience, flexible and motivated team member 👨‍💻 Reach out to me for relevant opportunities, collaboration & discussion about the Technology 🚀

The only thing I loved more than computers is travelling. I remembered when I was 8, I travelled for the very first time to the Northen areas of Pakistan, where I immersed myself in the vast natural landscapes of towering mountains. Since then, I've made it a habit to frequently travel, seeking to reconnect with nature whenever possible.

I spent my free time contributing to open source, writing tech blogs, learning new framework, exploring new tech innovations & contributing to the local tech community through our platform call Tech تہوار ( We Celebrate Trending Tech Stacks ) for last 3 years.

I can help you successfully take your business needs while assisting you throughout the project/product development process. Building the best softwares & bringing value to your organization/community through my technical expertise in the relevant domain & field.