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Journey to become Microsoft Student Partner (2020–2021)

Hi, my name is Fahad Bin Ashiq 23 years old belongs to middle class family from Lahore Pakistan. I have done matriculation in 2014 and had done FSC (pre-engineering) in 2016. In the very early age of I am convinced of the different technologies of computer science and the revolution it is bringing in the society so far truly inspired me, So this thing got me in the field of computer science. I am a have done Bachelor’s of computer science from Government College University, Lahore Pakistan.

My development work Experience (2019–Present)

I started working as a full time trainee in VU Solutions Private LTD back in March 2019 when I was in my 6th semester of my Bachelor’s Degree (BSCS) from Government College University, Lahore I worked almost 6 months for unpaid internship in web development.I worked with VU Solution team in their Web Project which are using C#, ASP.NET, MS-SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Bootstrap. That was the time when we are about to give proposal for our Final Year Projects and to submit our semester projects as well.